Best Top Loader Washing Machine-Complete Reviews

The top loader washing machine is a vertical axis cloth washer home appliance used to wash laundry. A top loader washing machine is the most dominant design in Canada and the USA. Top loader washing machines are less expensive as compared to front loaders. They are also ergonomically friendly. Here, in this article, you will find details, customer reviews, and all the pros and cons of seven of the Best top loader Washing machines.

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacPanda PAN6360W Compact Portable Washing MachineCapacity
 1.54 cubic feet

20.0×19.5×35.0 inches

Item weight
68 pounds
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backpacRCA RPW091, 0.9 cu ft, White  Capacity
 0.9 cubic feet

16×18×32 inches

Program settings
5 wash cycles
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backpacPanda PAN50SWF2 1.60cu.ft Compact Washer Capacity
 1.6 cubic feet

20×21×37 inches

Program settings
6 wash cycles
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backpacPyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer Capacity
 7.7 lb

13.78×22.05×24.41 inches

Item weight
22.5 pounds
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backpacAs Seen On TV Wonder Washer – a Portable Mini Clothes Washing Machine Capacity
10 liter

13×10×13 inches

Program settings
2 wash cycle
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backpacPyle Upgraded Version Portable Washer Capacity
 4.5 lb

13.8×14.1×19.7 inches

Item weight
12.72 pounds
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backpacCOMFEE’ 1.6 Cu.ft Portable Washing Machine Capacity
 1.6 cubic feet

20.7×20.3×36.6 inches

Item weight
70.5 pounds
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Best Top Loader Washing Machine- that you will not stop buying

Here, we have selected seven of the best Top Loader Washing Machine that you can buy in 2023. So, in this article, you will get to know the basic features, pros, and cons of the top loader washing machines.

1.  Panda PAN6360W Compact Portable Washing Machine

Best top loader washing machine

It is a grey-coloured top loader washing machine with an 800 RMP speed. This top loader washing machine has all those features that can help you make your laundry easy and quick.

It is a space-saving Top load Washing Machine. So, it can make your laundry quick and convenient. It is excellent for your residence homes, vacation home, and dorm.

Firstly, Panda PAN6360W has a large size of about 1.54 cubic feet. So, it is highly capable of holding clothes up to 12lbs. Secondly, along with its high capacity to hold clothes, it has a timeless design that further adds to its features. It is portable due to its lightweight.

Generally, this top loader washing machine has only one water inlet option. Thus, it can be linked to a regular water tap using the inlet hose and fast adapter in the kit.

Besides, before the delivery of Panda PAN6360W to your doorstep, all devices are water checked by the machine manufacturer.

Before using the Panda PAN6360W machine, kindly remove from the machine the black rectangular plastic part that is the motor safety part and is located at the machine’s bottom.

Because it has a lot of features that customers look for while buying a top load washing machine. So it is one of the best-rated washing machines in the market. It has an LED-display automatic control system. Generally, this top loader washing machine’s stainless steel drum is robust and prevents corrosion and chipping.

Lastly, with the provided rapid connection adapter kit and hoses, you can connect the washer directly to your faucet.


  • Mainly, Panda PAN6360W is a portable and lightweight top loader washing machine
  • It has a folding transparent lid
  • The stainless steel drum of this washer has a large capacity
  • Significantly, the LED display is a convenient feature of this washer
  • 1-year warranty
  • It can be easily installed


  • It is a bit costly

  • Panda PAN6360W washing machine does not have wheels


2. RCA RPW091, 0.9 cubic feet, White

RCA RPW091 white

RCA RPW091 keeps your clothes clean efficiently. This washing machine is 0.9 cubic feet in height. It also has an LED display panel. It has so many exciting features.

Firstly, it is a robust and compact washing machine. Therefore it is durable. Similarly, it is an excellent washing machine to place in small spaces. RCA RPW091 is fantastic in its features, so it is considered one of the Best Top Loader Washing machines.

One of the most important features is that it has a quick sink adapter, as a result of which you can also use your sink as a source of water for washing. Another essential feature of this top loader washing machine is that it has a child safety lock. It also has an error alarm auto unbalancing detector to detect and prevent alarming situations.

RCA RPW091 top loader washing machine is portable due to its lightweight. The best top loader washing machine has a maximum of 5 wash cycles.

It does not produce sound during its working, so it is quiet. Together with the rollers, you can quickly move this washing machine.


  • RCA RPW091 top loader washing machine is quiet and does not produce any sound during its working
  • It comes with all of its accessories
  • It has a large capacity so that it can hold a large number of clothes
  • LED display
  • Energy efficient
  • Light in weight and durable
  • Best for all spaces
  • It has rollers


  • Just has two wheels on its back


3.Panda PAN50SWF2 1.60 cu. Feet Compact Washer

Panda PAN50SWF2 1.60 cu. Feet Compact Washer

It is an enhanced version of the top-loading washing machine. Panda PAN50SWF2 has a timeless design, so it is the best choice for you. There are so many features of this washing machine which are as follows:

This washing machine has such a space-saving style that makes your washing quick and convenient. It is suitable for the RV Vacation, Home Dorm, and apartment.

Secondly, the Panda PAN50SWF2 comes with a wide folding plastic window that lasts longer. Panda brand manufactures high-quality top load washing machines. So it is regarded as one of the best top load washing machine brands.

Furthermore, the larger sized 1.6 cubic feet capacity enables you to fit up to 11 lbs. of clothes in this washing machine. The Electronic Touchpad controls and LED display Delay start is now available.

And it is upgraded with an additional Control Lock option. The standard three prongs 110 Voltage can be connected anywhere, so it uses less electricity. Moreover, the two built-in rollers of this top loader washing machine improve mobility for easy movement.

The Panda PAN50SWF2 also has a six washing program that provides more flexible washing options in addition to other features. Besides, the spin only features of this top loader washing machine are now upgraded to provide an extra rinse function.

Above all, for an easy installation of this machine, two inlets are located on the backside. Likewise, you can also link or connect the washing machine to your water tap. The package includes all the required accessories like hoses or an adapter kit.

Summing up, this is one of the best top loader washing machines, which works at 110 V.


  • Panda PAN50SWF2 top loader is super quiet
  • It is very efficient and is portable
  • LED display
  • There are six washing programs that this machine offers


  • Some buyers have a leakage issue with this machine

 4. Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer

Best top loader washing machine

 Pyle Portable washing machine and the spin dryer is a floor mount washer and available in black. This product has a lot of features.

Firstly, the Pyle Portable top loader is very easy to use. It is very convenient for the female to do laundry with this machine. You just need to add detergent powder and water to this washing machine.

Secondly, Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer has a weight of 22.54 Pounds, so you can easily carry it wherever you want. This washing machine also includes a power wire and a drain hose. Also, it is a washer-dryer combination.

Furthermore, there is a high-powered 250-watt motor and a capacity of 7.7 lbs in the Pyle Portable top loader washing machine.

Another feature of this washing machine is that it has a transparent tub container window. This feature helps you to watch your laundry getting cleaned.

Besides this, there are rotary controls for the wash timer, program, and wash selector of this washing machine. There is also a spinning timer on the portable washer machine.

Above all, this top loader washing machine uses 110 V so that you can plug it anywhere in your house. Hence, if you are looking for a top loader that consumes less electricity, it is a perfect choice.

Moreover, the spin dryer capacity of the Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer is 3.3 lbs. For smaller laundry loads, the portable dryer of this washer is delicate.

Summing up, this portable washer machine makes it very easy to start using it right out of the box. Also, it does not require any particular parts or plumbing.


  • The poly portable washer has considerable agitation power
  • Easy to use
  • It is quite enough, so it does not produce noise


  • This washer is unsuitable for large laundry


5. As Seen On TV Wonder Washer – a Portable Mini Clothes Washing Machine

As seen On Tv wonder washer

Are you looking for a top loader washing that can save your time, money, and water?

Then you are in the right place. It has a 10-litre water capacity and is 12 x 18 inches in diameter. Besides, As Seen On TV, Wonder Washer has a total weight of just 8 pounds so that it can go anywhere with you.

As Seen on TV, Wonder Washer is small and lightweight so it can do your washing where ever.  The price of this washing machine is affordable. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly top loader, then this one is best for you. So this washing machine is categorized as the best washing machine under $500.

Along with a timer feature for up to 10 – 15 minutes and the High/Low program settings for your washing needs, this washer provides clean clothes efficiently.

Moreover, it is an ideal washing machine for small houses, dorms for college students, apartments, Recreational vehicles, boats, travelling, and serviced apartments. Besides, it is also a perfect alternative to washing your laundry by hand or making trips to the laundry room.

It is similar to other front loader washing machines, but it does not have a spinner. It can work efficiently in a low-frequency environment.

Summing up, As Seen on TV, the Wonder Washing machine is easy to use.  You only need to fill the machine with clothes, add washing powder, water, and close the lid with the plug-in Wonder Washer.

Now, set the timer to fifteen minutes and pick the setting of high or low washing mode depending on the cloth load.

Due to all these amazing features, we can say that As seen on TV the washer is the best top loader washing machine.


  • It is an excellent washer for small laundry and small spaces
  • As Seen on TV, Wonder Washer agitates well, so it removes stains well
  • It is gentle on delicate clothes


  • The lid of this top loader washing machine is not waterproof


6.Pyle Upgraded Version Portable Washer – Top Loader Portable Laundry, Mini Washing Machine

Pyle upgraded version portable washer

It is another cute washing machine by the Pyle Company. Due to its lightweight, it is portable. You can take it anywhere you want. Firstly, this top loader washing machine is best suitable for small spaces, small apartments, to carry with during camping. This top loader washing machine can be adjusted in small spaces; it is categorized as one of the Best Apartment Washing Machines.

Secondly, it is one of the most convenient washers due to its hassle-free operation. It is effortless and easy to use. The users only need to put the washing powder or soap in this washer and then water; then it will do its job quite efficiently.

Thirdly, Pyle Upgraded Version Portable Washer can save you time, money, and energy because of its energy-efficient design. It is excellent for doing small laundries because of its small size. It can wash pairs of underwear, socks, t-shirts in no time.

Likewise, the high powered washing motor of this top loader washing machine is 180 watts. And the total washing capacity is 4.5 lbs. its water tank capacity is 19 litres, and the noise level is 57dB.

And summing up, This Pyle Upgraded Version Portable washer is very easy to install, as it does not need any special accessories.


  • Requires no installation procedure
  • It can easily be moved with the help of rotary controls
  • 180-watt motor power
  • Best for the small loads


  • This washer is not suitable for large loads


7. COMFEE’ 1.6 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine

COMFEE portable washing machine

There are six most frequently used programs for this versatile top loader washing machine. It includes:

  • Standard
  • Simple
  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Delicate
  • Spin Only.

There are also three water temperatures in the washer, fulfilling the various laundry specifications. And this washer comes with a transparent lid that enables you at any time to look over the status of clothes.

Usually, with just 20.7 inches in width, 20.3 inches in depth, and 36.6 inches in height, it is easy to store this lightweight washing machine. It suits comfortably in your room/RV/dorm.

The 1.6cu.ft capacity of this washer can easily hold up to 11lbs of clothes. Because of its high quality, this washer is one of the Best Washing Machines.  Moreover, it is fitted with an inner tube of stainless steel, so it does not rust and lasts longer.

This washer is fitted with a high-quality motor that provides reliable power and is durable. Compared to other similar models, this washer can help you to save as much as 84% of energy usage.

COMFEE’s completely automated washer will take care of your family. You can freeze the control centre with the children locking feature to make sure that everything goes right.

The Delay Start feature could save you a lot of trouble. Just throw your clothes in and schedule a time when you would like it to begin, preventing the discomfort because of the odour of rewashing it all.

It is the best-rated washing machine—there is no need to power the machine off and restart if something is lost behind it. You can add your clothing before the primary washing cycle ends with a long press of the Start or Pause button for 3 seconds.


  • Space-saving
  • High-quality top loader washing machine
  • It is durable
  • Multiple washing programs
  • Reloading feature
  • Easy to install


  • Poor delivery to some customers

Types of Washing Machines

Washing machines are essential for household items. They make our laundry relatively easy. Mainly, Washing machines are of two types.

1. Top loader washing machine

In top loader washing machines, the washing materials are loaded through the top of the machine. This kind of washer is usually covered with a hinged door.

A top loader washing machine is further of two types:

The semi-Automatic top-loading machine has two tubs. And only one tub works at a time, so this kind of washing machine cannot wash and dry clothes at the same time. This kind of machine requires manual action at each step of laundry.

  • Fully-Automatic top-loading machine

A Fully-Automatic top-loading machine has a lot of features. It can automatically do all of the steps of laundry. It decides the amount of water as well.

2. Front loader washing machine:

These washing machines are mostly used in America. They are fully automatic. They have a high cost as compared to the top loaders.

 Frequently asked questions

There may be some questions related to the customers who want to buy a top loader washing machine. So, here are some of these questions with their short answers.

1- Which top loader washing machine is the quietest?

Among the washing machines that are mentioned above in the text, COMFEE’ 1.6 Cu. ft. Portable Washing Machine is the quietest.

2-What to look for while buying a washing machine?

While buying a washing machine, you must consider the following factors.

  • Size of the machine (it must be according to your home space)
  • Price of the washing machine
  • Eco-friendly nature
  • Whether it is fully automatic or semi-automatic
  • Child safety lock
  • The capacity of the machine and its weight
  • The ease of use

3-What is the leading company of top loader washing machines?

It is the Panda, this company’s top loader washing machines are of high quality.

4-What is the best top loader washing machine?

COMFEE’ 1.6 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine is one of the best top loader washing machines.

Final verdict

Top loader washing machines are widely used across the world. They are budget-friendly and have many features. In this article, I have listed some of the Best top loader Washing machines. This article will help you in choosing the best washing machine according to your needs.

These top-priority top loader washing machines have the best quality, size, loading capacity, spin capacity, and all other features according to your demands. So, make your laundry easy, comfortable, and time-saving with these top loader washing machines.

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