How to Wash white Clothes properly?

If you are looking for the best way to wash white clothes properly. Here we will give the best Tips & Tricks to wash white clothes.

First of all, The quality of the washing depends on the quality of the washing machine. The best washing machine will give the best results.

Do you get stains on your favorite white T-shirt easily? How to Wash White Clothes properly?   Most whites are difficult to be because the marks and the particles often stick to the cloth and make it look unpleasant.

To keep white clothes white is a difficult job as there are many possibilities of getting stains on a white shirt like you accidentally spill coffee on your shirt or you get dirty mud patches while playing outside.

White is the color on which the stain becomes prominent even after several washes it is not removed easily so when we need to wear white clothes it is necessary to handle them with care.

The following are the steps in which you can clean your white clothes easily.


1-Do does Not wear it

White is the color that should be less chosen for the clothing. The main thing is if you have a habit of spilling things over you then avoid white color. Moreover, it should also not appropriate to wear white color in the sport and the hot weather when there are chances of getting stains.

2-Wash Often

The white color needs continuous washing it is better to clean the after wearing once. And wash immediately after it appears on your shirt. In this way, there are fewer chances of sticking particles on your white clothes. Moreover, once you iron the clothes the previous stains start to appear on the clothes

3-Sort of Clothes before washing

How to wash white clothes properly? White clothes need to be separated while washing because when you wash. Do not wash white clothes with colored clothes especially dark-colored clothes. The dye made fade from the colored clothes and appear on the whites, therefore, make it look unpleasant.

4-Spray Stain repellant

Many different products can be used to remove the stains from the white like bleach and scotch guard so that the stain does not appear on the white shirts.

5-Wash white Clothes properly

There are some necessary steps to follow while washing white clothes

  • Sort out the white clothes from the rest of the colored clothes.
  • The white clothes should be soaked in detergent for a few minutes.
  • The brightness and shine can be increased by laundry boosters like borax or washing soda
  • Wash as usual.
  • Dry in sunlight and do not keep it for a long time in the sunlight.

 6-Rinse thoroughly

Rinsing is necessary as the detergent and the softer does not remove completely from the clothes. so, to remove them it should be rinsed several times until an indication of transparent water does not appear otherwise it might leave yellow stains of detergent after a long time.

7-Clean Washing Machine

It is important to clean the machine before washing because there are chances of getting dirt the clothes from the previous washing and they might settle on your white clothes easily.

8-Wear makeup early

The makeup leaves a prominent mark on the white clothes so it should be applied before wearing a white dress. The fragrances can also put stains on the clothing.

8-Use clean water for washing

In some areas due to the addition of minerals in the water, the white clothes get stained so clean water should be used before washing.

10-Use Guards

If you are sweating a lot then it is better to wear a guard to avoids sweat stains appearing on your cloth. The best way is to wear a slip or undergarment so that it could absorb all you sweat. There are a variety of collar guards available that could be used to protect the collar of the shirts.

11-Spot clean stains before washing

If the stain appears on your start wash it immediately with a mild shampoo or detergent. The brush can also be used to remove the stain. but soft brushes should be used harsh brushes could damage the delicate fibers.

12-Use the hottest water safe for fabric

The hot water is most convenient to use as stains disintegrate more quickly in hot water which also causes white items to fade over time but to prevent shrinkage and damaging of the cloth it is best to check the labels of the clothing.

13-Dry Clothes according to the care label

It is best to study the legality of the clothing and use the given method of drying and washing of the clothes.

14-Don’t overload your washing Machine

The machine should not be filled excessively to prevent the clothes from washing away. There should be some space so that it could completely remove the stains as soon as possible.

15-Pick a Laundry detergent that contains bleach

The detergent should be picked up wisely as some detergents are not strong enough to remove your stains completely especially in a washing machine. In the market, some high-quality detergents are present in markets that contain bleaching agents to remove stains quickly.

 4 Tricks to whiten white Clothes

1- Use Detergent powders with optical brighteners

Optical brighteners (Flourescers) are little laundry brightening particles that facilitate to keep your white garments white as white or perhaps brighter. They absorb ultraviolet light, ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet illumination, actinic radiation, actinic ray}, and re-emit blue light creating your garments look brighter. Infect it’s aforesaid that makers add this to the white cloth that is why they appear bright once you buy them however once you wash, they’re washed away. you may merely restore them with this technique.

This detergent with optical brighteners is that the best soap for keeping white garments seem whiter.

2-Using Laundry blue

If you wish the blue-white hunt for your white garments you’ll be able to select this methodology. The blue may be a liquid (are often powder too) superimposed to the ultimate rinse water. A drop is enough to allow your garments that bright look. you’ll have to make sure that the liquid is diluted.

3-Homemade remedies

Use 1/4 cup of vinegar or sieved lemon juice in the last rinse; this can make white clothes slightly bleached naturally and will remove the small stains.

4-Using Bleach on white clothes

White garments will regain its white shine with some bleaching. Infect you’ll be able to use bleach once in a month to washed garments for additional shine. But Bleaching isn’t for all garments.

Infect bleaching will cause yellowing if done incorrectly and unsuitably. Infect it’s higher to not use Chlorine bleach on the other material than 100 percent cotton; particularly not on silk wool or spandex. If you do, the item will turn yellow.

A somewhat safe bleach on white fabrics for stubborn stains is a mixture of equal parts of Oxygen bleach and ammonia. Oxygen bleach alone can do the job very well.

What you’ll need for the whitest white?

  • Oxiclean Versatile stain remover
  • Clorox company regular liquid bleach

 1- Oxiclean Versatile stain remover

how to wash white clothes properly

OxiClean is a Versatile Stain Remover in a powder form that is activated when added to water (warm or hot water work best). it is used for the effective cleaning of white clothes. Moreover does not contain any type of fragrance or dyes. It is safe to use.

2- Clorox Company regular liquid bleach

Clorox Company regular liquid bleach

The excellent bleach which is best to clean white clothes and does not allow soil particles to adhere to the cloth provides brighter whites and long-lasting shine to your dress the most important component that kills the 99.9 % bacterial and provides strength to your clothes without damaging your clothes.


How to Wash White Clothes properly? The white clothes are difficult to wash and require more handling and care. The white stuff could remain white if the above-given tips could be followed.

Most people neglect these instructions and that may cause the problem the stuff and the material are destroyed. The frequent washing should not also be practiced as it may damage the stuff and pull out the fibers from the clothing.

Moreover, people use harsh brushes to remove tough practice which is a wrong practice and may damage your elegant piece of clothing. There are many different detergents present in the market but the above mentioned are safe and efficient detergents to help you in the cleaning of your dress.

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