Why Does My Dryer take so long to Dry?

Are you confused about why does my dryer take so long to dry clothes? The reason for this may be a dryer breakdown or malfunction, but by following a few basic steps, you can normally solve the problem and speed up the drying process.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the most common reasons for your dryer taking too long to dry.

Reasons configuring why does My Dryer take so long to dry?

Yes, defective parts and breakdowns can be reasons for a dryer to take many cycles to dry clothes. However, other variables, such as end-user choices may be influenced when a dryer takes a long time to dry. Here are the best possible reasons why a dryer takes so long to dry and how to solve the issue with quick simple solutions.

1-The Issue with Incoming Power

Evaluate your power source if your dryer isn’t drying your clothes properly. A major difference between gas and electric dryers is that an electric dryer needs 240V power to operate properly. Since a typical 120V outlet produces less power, drying intervals can be three times greater

Furthermore, do not use an extension cord to fuel your dryer. The amount of power required by a dryer exceeds the capacity of a standard extension cord.

2-The Dryer is Overloaded

If a dryer is completely full, it is said to be overloaded. Overloading the dryer prevents the hot air from properly circulating and restricts tumbling. When this occurs, a big load of laundry will take two cycles to dry.


As a practical matter, just fill your dryer 2/3 full to allow for proper circulation of hot air. But for the proper solution, it is important you must have complete knowledge of how long to dry clothes in the dryer? To prevent the overheating of the dryer, thus it will prevent your dryer from damaged.

For detailed load guidelines for your model dryer, consult the service guide. 

3-Clothes are too Wet after being Washed

The washer may be to blame if your clothes are damp after being washed. When clothes are washed without a spin cycle or with an inadequate spin cycle, they are too damp to go into the dryer. As a result, a standard drying cycle is insufficient to dry these clothes. It’s also likely that a washer fault is causing the clothes to be too damp after they’ve been washed.


Before you start a wash cycle, double-check that your settings have a proper spin cycle. If your clothes are still too damp after washing, your washer can need company service.

4-Cleaning the Lint Screen in the Dryer

Among each drying phase, our clothes shed tiny bits of fabric thread. These fibres are blown around and onto the lint screen by the dryer’s hot air. When the panel is clogged with lint, it can hinder proper hot air circulation, resulting in prolonged drying cycles.


Check and then clean your lint screen after each drying phase to maximize the hot airflow. Take the screen out, clean the lint with your hands or a clean paper towel, and then again fix it.

5-Vents in the dryer are Clogged

A specific cause of a dryer taking far more time to dry is lint in debris accumulation inside the outlet vent. Blocked dryer vents can also limit the flow of hot air and prolong drying times, as well as cause serious dryer burns. Clogs can form if the lint screen isn’t inspected or cleaned on a regular basis, or if the dryer vent pipes aren’t cleaned once a year.


Consider these dryer fire prevention strategies if your dryer takes much longer time to dry and the vent needs cleaning:

  • Detach the dryer’s vent tube.
  • Empty the vent hose from both sides, even outside, with a narrow hose vacuum adapter.
  • Clean the external exhaust hood and clean the hood entry for lint and dirt.
  • Adjust the exhaust hood and the dryer’s vent cord.

Please ensure the vent hose is free of bites or other damage before cleaning it. If the vent hose is scratched or broken, airflow can be limited, extending drying times.

6-Parts Breakage

If you’re still having issues with long drying times after these fixes, it’s likely that a dryer part has broken. A damaged heating element in an electric dryer is a possible cause. 


These parts cannot be restored in any of these situations and must be substituted or repaired by a professional company.


Dryers are used for the quick drying of clothes, just to save time. But if they are taking much time to dry, then there, must be some malfunctionings or other reasons for it. In this article, I have listed the reasons and quick solutions of why does my dryer take so long to dry? So that you can fix the problem timely.

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